Who doesnt like a perfect Tow Cabin?

At only 39,000 thousand the tiny Ynez Tow cabin has it all.. see below.





Living on a Junk Rigged 42 foot Sailboat on the B.C coast.

china cloud

Allen and Sharie Farrell living on the West Coast of Canada built and lived on a 42 foot sailboat part yacht that boasts 66 lockers, no engine,  truly “easily-handled” sails and enough space for a gracious retirement.


The Boat also  boasts 3 junk rigged sails is easy to maneuver, has a shallow draft to dry out on a beach and can be sculled by a Yuloh that moves the boat in calm wind.


The Farrell’s had built a number of boats  and had moved “onboard the sailboat China Cloud  for the next 14 years. They were in their element with a boat that had enough sail to ghost through calms, could cut across shoals, then anchor where the tide would soon be gone. Seemingly ageless, they traveled on without an engine, electricity or any of the wonders of 20th century technology.” Sailing through time and living life at the whim of the wind and tides has a real appeal to it in our present day and fast paced life.


Allen  and Sharie built  over 44 boats and 8 he could live on. Allen an artist all his life drew and painted for over 50 years and lived a life with Sharie of living  of off  their talents, ingenuity and creativity and never holding down a traditional job.

Here is a link to a great video of Allen after he was tracked down on Lasqueti island on the B.C coast



Travelling around the globe In a VW Van for Three years 60,000 miles and 24 countries.

Meet Amanda & Richard Ligato a Latin woman and her gringo husband they drove their Vw Van around  the whole wide world in  a project that took 3 years to complete.


They quit their predictable  jobs and comfortable lives for adventure and the open road.


“They embarked on a
three year overland trip in their 1970’s hippie-van with
the goal of discovering first-hand how others find joy in
life. ” and are still going but now on only two wheels.




Camping and living with the people and leaving behind the comforts of home they traveled light but far on this epic adventure. If you are interested in their Tiny house adventure you can find more here


They also have a book here if you seek more information and a fascinating read!






Tabby Booth Illustrator living on a Houseboat in Britain

tabby booth 8

Tabby Booth and her boyfriend Hessy bought their houseboat for 2ooo pounds  and spent 5 months renovating it to their tastes.


This houseboat named The Long haired Eel is the Home of London based illustrator Tabby Booth and is now painted with black paint so it can be drawn upon.

tabby booth 6

It has an interior decorated with Bright paint  colours , kilim and sheepskin rugs, tuns of books, a wood burner and a bed nook.

Everything you need to be creative and comfortable.

tabby booth houseboat kitchentabby booth houseboat sitting room

tabby booth3

Here is an example of Tabby’s illustrations.

tabby booth 7tabby booth 5

Here is a link to her blog


A year of Treehouse Living with Mike Belleme from Asheville North Carolina.


Mike Belleme a photographer from Asheville North Carolina built his tree house masterpiece 200 yards above the Ivy river.  That is also where they park so all things must come the same way. They have multiple decks and an incredible view.


It also boasts an indoor tub, fireplace and many added features.


It also has a lower patio,  fire pit and an amazing garden.


Mike is handy with traditional crafts such as woodwork and whittling and has made a Black walnut cooking spoon, Sycamore coffee spoon and an ash sugar spoon.


To get away from this troublesome lifestyle Mike jets all over the world and works as a photographer for hire for the New York Times, Wall street journal and Time magazine -just to name a few -and also has a studio in beautiful  downtown Ashevlle.

Here is a video capturing his life in retrospective as photographer last year!



George Bernard Shaw’s Writing Hut is a great Shed.

bernard shaws cabin

I have always been fascinated with writing huts, studios and sheds and this one of George Bernard Shaw’s foots the bill.  Not only is it a great place to get away and work quietly on your creative pursuits but it also rotated allowing it to be easily turned to follow the  sun. This allows you to write uninterrupted all day bathed in sunlight or in George’s case since being in Britain … to stay warm in all seasons.


Shaw called his hut “London” so his staff wouldn’t be lying when they said he had “gone to London.”

bernard shaws cabin2

There was a window that could easily be opened to allow for ventilation and a wonderful desk uncluttered for concentrated effort. But Shaw had a phone installed to be called in time for lunch.. you have to love the British!


Two forty foot Shipping Containers make a great Tiny Home.


Jose Garcia an artist in the deep south designed and built this zen like container house/studio. Seeing many empty and unused shipping containers sitting idly by at his home port of Georgia he was inspired to create  a sustainable, floatable and hurricane proof dwelling.

This is my preferred  cabin design for shipping containers. Open, spacious and has all the amenities. It just so happens that this is my favourite colour but I think it would look better clad it in shipping pallets.


In our area each container goes for $5000.00 so this could be a great cheap build. In Georgia they only cost 500.00 to 1000.00 dollars. Easy on anyone’s pocketbook.


Jose  designed and built this in Georgia called appropriately the Savannah Project  and more can be seen at


container 3

The floating Ferry and Sauna called Saaunlautta that could be converted into a floating cabin.


The Saaunlautta or floating Sauna is a Finnish idea built by Teemu Kemppainen and a few friends over a few weekends made with barrels and pallets.


The floating ferry boasts two decks a bbq area, sauna, is powered by a outboard and cost very little to build. Here is the basic plan.


It also collects rainwater as seen here and is very maneuverable.

floating 26floating17

As you can see there is a lot of interior space and could easily be converted into a summer floating home.

Here are a few pics of the building process. Enjoy.


You have gotta love the ingenuity of the Fnnish and their desire and passion to have their saunas…. even one that floats, travels  and allows you to cook. That’s a lotta Sauna!!

floatin 1a


The Don Vardo the ultimate portable Gypsy Wagon and Art Studio.

don vardo 3

This is the Don Vardo the ultimate space in which  to write, create, paint, travel, bug out, veg out, get away, in law, outlaw hidin, studio. This comes with fold out bed, a pull out table and a small kitchen area and has lots of storage space for all your needs.


Built on a trailer with approximately an 8 x 10 interior space and hosting electricity, sink, writing or art desk and a pull out double bed. What more does one need?

don vardo 4


don vardo 6


It is insulated and has a lovely cork floor and is finished with both new and recycled materials. This is for sale at $ 22, 000.00 but plans are available.

Note: If you prefer to build your own plans are now available. Click here to view more details and click on the “Plans” page to purchase.

Here is Katy’s info if interested –kupiak@mac.com or phone her at 503-577-4566